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The Mill Church is a new church in Havertown. We envision every life processed by the story of Jesus – where pain becomes hope; where loneliness becomes family; where emptiness becomes purpose and mission. We invite you to come and join that story with us.


Over the last year we’ve been building a team while meeting in homes, at the Haverford Community and Recreation Center, and township parks. As we turn the page and begin weekly worship gatherings, you’re invited to join the story with us. We’ll begin meeting on November 17 at 10am at the House Cup Coffee Roasters in Havertown. Our gatherings will feature both ancient and modern Christian practices, a time of singing, teaching and dialogue, prayers connected to events and concerns both locally and throughout our world, and of course really good coffee! In addition, kids will have their own lesson offered by our trained and cleared Mill Kid’s team. 

Sunday November 17, 10am
House Cup Coffee Roasters
95 S Eagle Rd
Havertown, PA 19083

What Kind of Church Are You?

We are a Christian Church who loves Jesus and the greater Havertown area, Our pastors have roots in the Pentecostal and Methodist church. We are part of a network of churches called the Assemblies of God. We have a 25 year old parent church that is partnering with us called Life Christian Fellowship in Springfield. We affirm the Apostles and Nicene Creeds. But in all of that what’s most important to us is the words, works, and ways of Jesus. 

What's Up With the Name?

The Mill Church is a new church in Havertown. Our name is inspired by area mills that were once a crucial element of the flourishing of our communities. By tapping into to the power of water, mills produced many of life’s necessities. Mills were first and foremost a place of transformation. From their messy, raw forms, materials were processed into a more refined product — like cotton into yarn, or wheat into flour. That’s how we envision the church; a place to come with all our messy, raw realities to process life, together. To join the great story of redemption; where pain becomes hope; where loneliness becomes family; where emptiness becomes purpose and mission. We invite you to come and join that story with us.

What Will Your Sunday Gathering Look Like?

It will be about 1 hour and 15 minutes and include Christian practices both old and new: silence, modern music and singing (guitar, piano, hand drums), written historical and spontaneous prayers, teaching and discussion, communion, and of course really good locally brewed coffee and baked goods. On the 4th Sunday of the month we’ll gather around tables for what we are calling brunch church for greater conversation and processing together. 

What About Kids?

There will be care for walkers until potty-trained during the whole gathering (1-3 year olds generally). Preschool children who are potty-trained and elementary students (around 4 to 12 year olds) will participate with their families and the larger church for the beginning and end of the gathering. During the teaching and discussion portion, kids will be blessed and sent with cleared and trained teachers to have a lesson and will join back with the main gathering for a closing time of communion and singing. 

Why Start a New Church?

We love the existing churches in Havertown and have been connected to them and their leadership from our inception. We believe that new churches add something of value to both the community and to the established churches. It’s kind of like having kids. New life always brings value and purpose to parents and grandparents. We hope to add value to both Haverford Township and to the Christian community. New churches also have a way of reminding all of us of the essentials and a unique ability to risk and innovate in a way that many established churches can not afford. 

Prayer Call

The Mill Church team is committing to a weekly time of intercessory prayer every Tuesday at 1pm. Please join us! Click the link below to join via your computer or mobile device or call in by phone:

Meeting ID: 468 661 581

The Mill Church Prayer List
Apostolic Prayers & Promises

The Mill Church | 101 W Eagle Rd, Suite 210, Havertown, PA 19083 |