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We had a great gathering on Christmas Eve walking through lessons and carols around the Christmas story. Thank you for joining us. This coming Sunday, December 29, there will be no Sunday gathering. We highly value family and rest and believe that even as a church there are times to pull back and refocus. Enjoy a week of sleeping in, spending time with family, or whatever brings your rest and joy! We’ll resume on January 5, 2020.

The first Sunday in January will be an annual time for us to reflect on and examen the previous year while discerning some new rhythms and habits the Spirit is inviting us into for the upcoming year. Here are several resources here that we’d encourage you to check out over the next week:

  • Make Habits, Not Resolutions – we often push for resolutions this time of year, but maybe there’s another way…
  • Preparing for a New Year – we’ll walk through a similar prayer of examen and rule of life exercise on January 5.  
  • The Common Rule Video Series – a series of short videos around some daily and weekly habits to orient your life around Jesus. Some great ideas on practical ways to structure your life around Jesus. 

Have a Happy New Year! We can’t wait to see you in 2020. 

Pastors Alex & Jaclyn Kranjec