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Welcome to 2020! This past Sunday we introduced the concept of having a rule of life. We looked at discerning some habits and rules we’d like to have in four quadrants of our lives: 1) spiritual/prayer, 2) rest/self-care, 3) relationships with others, and 4) work. Four questions we asked for those areas are: 

  1. What are the spiritual disciplines you need to anchor you in a life with God? What’s one step you can take this year?
  2. What are the practices of self-care you need to care for your body and nurture your soul?
  3. What core relationships do you need in this season of life to support you on your journey? How can you cultivate and grow you
  4. What are the gifts, passions, and burdens that God might be drawing out of you for the blessings of others? How can you serve others in your paid or unpaid work?

You can check out this document for help with building a rule of life or visit this website for even further information on rule of life.  

Here are some prayer resources I wanted to pass along:

Finally, I’d like to invite you into our corporate rule of life as a church. This is what our leadership team came up with when we sat down to consider the rhythms we would have together in order to best live as Jesus followers and join the story of redemption in our neighborhoods. 

We understand that everyone is at a different place in their journey and that you might not be able to jump completely into this rhythm with us, but I want to extend the invitation to take a step. If you’ve been attending the weekly gatherings, get involved and participate in some way. If you’d like to go a little deeper with us relationally, be part of our neighborhood/family meals. Ready to add some accountability and regular connection with 1-2 other follows of Jesus, let us know you’d like to explore DNA groups. We believe these regular habits help form us as followers of Jesus and the church we envision to be. I hope you’ll consider making them part of your rhythms in 2020.