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Coffee on a Mission

Buy our custom blend coffee and support the Havertown community!

At The Mill Church we’re all about process; and what says processing life, together better than sitting down with some others over a cup of coffee? Our name originates from the early mills that were prominent in communities like Havertown. Harnessing the power of water, mills processed life's necessities from their messy, raw forms into a more refined product—like cotton into yarn, wheat into flour, or beans into coffee. 


​​This is how we envision church; a place to come and allow our unrefined lives, in all their beauty and mess, to be processed by Jesus. We hope this coffee will be a reminder to you to slow down and enjoy the process of life, whether that's in the quiet moments by yourself, on the go, or through robust interactions with family and friends. 


​​We also are proud to partner with local Havertown business, House Cup Coffee. All proceeds from this coffee purchase will benefit local and global missions.