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Neighborhood Church

Join Us in the Neighborhood - have a seat at a table, do life and serve the community with others!

Just as Jesus moved into the neighborhood, our neighborhood groups act as the primary vehicle by which the church, outside of our larger worship gatherings, brings the story of redemption to the everyday life of the neighborhood. These small communities, of around twelve people, join Jesus’ mission together. Instead of separating the work of the church into different events and programs (bible studies, evangelism, family event, serve day, etc), the neighborhood group takes up the cause to move into these areas together.

We consider this just as much "church" as our larger public worship gatherings. Like a family these groups gather regularly at homes in the neighborhood. Here we participate in Christian disciplines, gather around a family meal, processes the story of redemption deeper than we can in the larger settings, and then identify social spaces to gather regularly amongst the people of our networks and neighborhoods. Here we create opportunities for people who do not yet know Jesus to belong to the family of God. We also seek to be a blessing to the neighborhoods through works of beauty and justice. Our dream is to see every person in our church family connected to a neighborhood group, and to see one group for every 1,000 people in Havertown.

Currently The Mill Church gatherings on the 1st and 3rd Sundays for our neighborhood church groups. For the months leading up to the November election, we're hosting conversations around faith and politics. More on that here:

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