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Faith & Politics

Join us on a journey to follow Jesus and engage in politics with both compassion and conviction!

Faith & Politics, Compassion & Conviction

Every person in America is political in some way. We can choose not to engage with the duties of citizenship, but that does not men we do not have them. In the midst of a polarizing political landscape leading up to the November election, we'll process how faith and politics intersect and how we can engage faithfully for the sake of our neighbors. One week we'll share some teaching from our public gatherings and the next week we'll gather in the neighborhood (backyards, parks, etc) for dialogue and processing together. We'll be joined for each of our neighborhood gatherings by special guests who will share their stories and inspire us to go deeper. For more information, explore each of the topics below. Be sure to register for the neighborhood gatherings if you'd like to join the conversation.

The Mill Church is not endorsing or campaigning for any particular political candidates. Our desire is to host space for dialogue and to process honestly and vulnerably how our faith and politics intersect.

For an overview of the values and etiquette we're committed to as we process together, see our dialogue guide below. We will review this at the beginning of each neighborhood gathering and ask each person attending to commit to do our best to honor these guidelines.