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DNA Groups

Process With Us - We process life more deeply by regularly getting with 1-3 other people.

DNA Groups

Our DNA groups are groups of 2-4 people of the same gender who meet regularly to:

  1. Discern how God is speaking through Scripture and life's experiences
  2. Nurture each other through the beauty and brokenness of life (through listening and confession)
  3. Act by praying for each other and providing accountability to actions steps that will be taken between meetings.

These spaces allow the deepest penetration of the truths of Jesus to occur and bring the greatest freedom to our lives. Our dream is to see every person at The Mill Church growing through regular involvement in a DNA group.

The best way to join a DNA group is to get connected to The Mill Church family through our worship gatherings and neighborhood groups. We believe the relationships required to foster a healthy DNA group will best develop in those spaces.