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Part 1: Separation of Church & State

September 13 & 20

September 13 - Live Public Gathering

Week 1 Message

Every person in America is political in some way. We can choose not to engage with the duties of citizenship, but that does not mean we do not have them. This week we begin our conversations around faith and politics by taking some steps back and considering the role the church and state play in our lives. Here are the main truths:

  1. Government, order, is god-ordained. On the fundamental level, order is good. And politics is a means of how we organize ourselves, how we order ourselves as a society, and that we shouldn’t be afraid of that, even though it can be quite ugly and imperfect because of our broken world.
  2. As followers of Jesus we have a responsibility to bring our values to the public square, to our political engagement. Because following Jesus impacts all of life, we bring those values with us to the political arena.
  3. Our posture should be one of love, not violence and fear. And we need to see through to the deep fears that drive our motivations and actions under the surface. Fears that oppose the way of love.
  4. The primary driving force behind a follower of Jesus’ engagement in politics is the love of neighbor.

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September 20 - Conversations in the Neighborhood w/ Gino Curcuruto

Sunday, September 20, 2020 - 10am

In-Person Neighborhood Church Gathering

Registration required - location information will be released after registration.

As we process deeper how our faith and politics are intertwined and how to live as faithful followers of Jesus in the public square, we’ll be joined by Gino Curcuruto, pastor of The Table Philadelphia.

Gino Curcuruto

Gino Curcuruto is a bivocational pastor with The Table Philadelphia, a church plant in Philadelphia, Penn. Gino has been leading in local church contexts for nearly 20 years.

He and his wife, Jill, have started communities of people who center their lives in the love Jesus and make disciples in both urban and suburban contexts. Additionally, he has equipped and coached leaders and lay people across the country to do the same. As well as being a Gravity Coach, Gino is our Community Liaison, seeking to connect with people to discern next steps in their journey of learning to lead like Jesus, live on mission, and make disciples.

Gino and Jill having four amazing kids (Ella, Selah, Tim, and Nate) and two super-OK dogs (Mr. Tumnus and Lucy).